It is time to pray

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Prayerful Remembrance

We remember prayerfully all the sick and shut-in, bereaved, lonely, depressed and abused. We think especially of all in the hospital, rehabilitation centres, senior citizen homes and prison. We think also of all the persons suffering from the effects of earthquakes, hurricanes and all other natural and man-made disasters.  


May God comfort, heal protect and supply all their needs and those of the persons listed.



Lyra Smith              

Juliette Wheatley 

Edith Penn         

Azula Lettsome                         

Kamila Frett

Rita Frett-Georges

Adina Wheatley


Douglas Wheatley              

Ashley Penn                      

Granville Penn

Carol Dawson

Quincy Lettsome



We express sincere prayers and words of comfort to all families experiencing sorrow at losing loved ones through death.  May God comfort and strengthen them and all others who mourn. 


Let's pray especially for:


Sis. Edith Penn, one of our local preachers.  Let us continue to keep her in our prayers.