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Weekly Calendar
4th - 10th December 2022

Sunday 4th

11:00am ~ Sunday School 


4:30pm ~ Pioneers Meeting

Tuesday 6th

6:30am ~ Watch & Pray on ZBVI Radio


7:15pm ~ Bible Study Hour

Meeting ID: 808 408 1308

Passcode: John316

Wednesday 7th

5:30pm ~ Women's League Meeting 


6:00pm ~ No Men's Fellowship Meeting


7:00pm ~  Senior Choir rehearsal 

Sunday 17th

Thursday 8th

7:30pm ~ NO Midweek Prayer Meeting

Friday 9th

7:00pm ~ NO Youth Fellowship Meeting 

Saturday 10th

4:00pm ~ Dance Practice


4:30pm ~ Praise Team rehearsal

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Please note that the wearing of face masks in chapels is no longer mandatory.  However, persons may, for their own safety and protection, continue to do so at their discretion.


MCCA Women Leaders of Women's organizations, please note that the Women's League pins, booklets and cards can now be purchased at the Church Office:


Pins ~ $10

Handbooks ~ $2

Cards ~ $0.50



There are new offering envelopes for everyone (members and non-members) to use for their weekly contributions.  You are free to list where you would like your offering placed.



Talent Night (Senior Choir) - December 9th 2022 at Zion Hill.


Women's League Concert - December 9th 2022 at Road Town.


Stall at Christmas in Spanish Town - December 9th - 10th in the Valley, Virgin Gorda.


Annual Thanksgiving Luncheon on December 10th at Sea Cows Bay.


Youth Choir Concert on December 11th 2022 at Road Town Methodist.


Revival Services - December 12th to 15th 2022 at Belle Vue.


Important dates

Stay up-to-date with all of our events. Make sure you mark your calendar and come out and connect with us!