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Spiritual Lessons

You have to realize that no matter where you are in life, you should never give up on yourself.  You have to be willing to believe.

Read these lessons to get yourself to the next level.


3 phrases that hurt your spirit


There are three phrases that will hurt your spirit and make you cry: I Could Have, I Would Have, or I Should Have.  I could have ended this relationship a lot sooner.  I could have gone back to get my degree.  I could have done this and could have done that.  Saying I could have will damage your soul.  As I go through my lessons in life, one thing my angels have shared with me is that we all need to eliminate the phrase I could have from our mental thoughts. 

Eliminate it from your vocabulary.  As spirits and children of God, we have to realize that everything happens for a reason, and it happens in God’s time.  Be grateful for the hindsight and wisdom you have acquired along the way, but never beat yourself up with the words I could have.  You can be certain if it was not the will of God, there is no way you could have.


Always remember that you are a vessel of God.  When you are ready to receive the lesson, you will receive it.  When your spirit is ready to make life-changing choices, you will make them.  God knows the difference between what you say from your mouth and what you say from your spirit.



The only way you can achieve things in life is if your spirit and mouth are saying and wanting the same thing.

Taken from "Spiritual Lessons for My Sisters" by Natasha Munson